Your yacht "Silora"

"Silora" is a 34-foot (10.4metres) sloop from the Dutch designer Van de Stadt.

Similar in shape to the Rival, Sadler and Hustler designs with longish fin and skeg and ballast ratio of 40%, she sails well in light airs and excels in heavier winds.

We carry separate headsails, reefing is done at the mast and there is a spinnaker to play with if you want to.

Over the years we have modified "Silora" to meet the role and are only too pleased to discuss aspects of yacht design (the good and the bad!) and why some things are desirable at sea and others are not. Click here to see the layout / plans.

Silora is fully coded to MCA DOT standards so ensuring your safety. BM Sailing is fully insured for public liability.