CEVNI. (EuroRegs for Inland Waterways)

What is it?

While the ICC covers you for COASTAL waters, a new, very different certificate is required if you intend using INLAND canals and waterways of Europe. This is the CEVNI Certificate.  These rules, signs, regulations, symbols and signals are understood by barge-masters of all nationalities as they ply their trade from the Black Sea to the Baltic, and from Amsterdam to Marseilles. The RYA "Book of Euroregs for Inland Waterways" has been written especially for pleasure craft users. Anyone using the canals and waterways of Europe should have a copy of this book on board. It is essential reading for all candidates who want an Inland Water's endorsement on their ICC.

Do I need a CEVNI?

Yes, if you are going to use the canal system of Europe. No if you are coastal sailing.

How do I get a CEVNI?

By calling BM Sailing and booking a test. We will provide you with the Euroregs book so you can study in your own time and when you are ready we will test you.

What's involved in the CEVNI test?

It is an oral/written test paper with 14 multi-choice questions. You need to answer 11 correctly.  The test usually takes around 1hr. Reading the book beforehand will save you £££, but your tutor/examiner will happily relieve you of £12/hr for tuition time! As we have already stated, you don't need a CEVNI if you are sailing coastal waters. The ICC covers you for that particular piece of beaurocracy.

Show me some sample CEVNI questions.

Price includes copy of RYA "Book of EuroRegs".