Rolex watches how to deal with water

Watches and clocks is absolutely theoretical, since the development of replica watches uk and clocks to the present, for centuries, after many generations of craftsmen and inventors of the effort, the clock can be improved and improved, timing accuracy is improved. As can carry the watch (watch), it must use the balance wheel and gossamer, mechanical oscillator, only the balance wheel and the composition of the oscillator frequency is the most stable, the strongest external interference. In the theory of watches and clocks, probably the number of escapement point of view the most, followed by the balance wheel and gossamer. Each step of the decomposition of the tiny movements have angles, there are mathematical formulas, have to explain, be regarded as a study home. Balance wheel as the most important part of the clock inside, it can be divided into three parts, (1) balance wheel, (2) gossamer, (3) double disc. The balance wheel is composed of the rim and the pendulum axis, the gossamer is composed of the gossamer and the inner pile and the outer pile, and the double disc is composed of the insurance plate, the impact plate and the impact nail. This part is the heart of the clock, is the most sophisticated parts. Gossamer installed in the balance wheel is a location requirements, this is the hairspring azimuth. Usually against the double disc on the impact of the nail position, to determine the installation of hairspring position, each movement of the hairspring azimuth is different, more typical is 160 degrees. In the early watches, this angle is very important, because then the watch is "dead pile", if the gossamer installation angle error, it will cause the pendulum (polarization) phenomenon. "Dead outside the pile" to eliminate the bias is generally to swim the inner diameter of the hook, very troublesome easy to damage the hairspring, the adjustment is not easy to determine, often need to be repeated several times to tune. The double disc is mounted on the balance wheel and is not free. If it is a "cross" pendulum, it is usually a disc nail to be aligned with a wheel, and if it is a "chevron" or "zigzag" Beam, disc nail will be ranked in the middle of the wheel. Some watches on the balance wheel, there will be a needle-like size of the gravure, in fact, its role is to install the gossamer when the bit, with the eye outside the pile to the gravure, The. Now the movement of the watch is the activities of the external pile, and it is the same as the hairspring clip, they together constitute the gossamer adjustment system, the standard angle between the two of them is 60 degrees, the activities of the pile has great benefits, Making it easy to correct the yaw. However, even if the activities of the external pile of the watch movement, gossamer is also the installation of azimuth, if the hairspring azimuth is not correct, the activities of the external pile to allow the adjustment range, not enough to eliminate the yaw. (See photo) Then there is, if the activities of the pile near the extreme position, to correct the yaw, then it is possible to make the gossamer caught too close to the second wheel, this is also very bad, although not hit the second wheel, But the lack of necessary safety clearance, watch the body of any adjustment of the role of the parts, it is best to be centered, and about the same room for adjustment. Watch gossamer adjustment, it should be the first to do the adjustment of polarization, and then do the adjustment of precision, it is because the move in the external pile, the gossamer clip will follow the rotation, and move the gossamer clip, the activities of the pile is Not moving. Beijing New World watches maintenance center celebrities official designated maintenance center, Beijing Chongwenmen New World Center Office Block B, Room 601 designated service center, is a professional maintenance of the world watch repair center