Your Cruising Area

From our base we may head North towards the Farne Islands and Holy Island, along Northumberland's deserted, castle strewn coast. From the sea you can appreciate how the Vikings saw the coast and why they decided to stay for a while!

The whole coastline is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Farne Islands are a nature reserve owned by the National Trust with a snug anchorage in settled weather. Here you can experience St Cuthbert's isolation or Grace Darlings' heroic struggle to save the men from a stricken steamer, Viking marauders (again!), the armies of Henry Tudor battering at Dunstanburghs massive walls and the victorious Scots sweeping South with Wallace to meet Edward at York. Fortunately for us "our only battle" will be how to get into Craster for the breakfast kippers.

Heading south from our base we cross the busy Tees channel, good practice for collision avoidance and spotting anchor balls and cylinders. The coast between the Tyne and Tees has been transformed over the past ten years. Not a coalmine in site, just miles of agricultural fields and not a flat cap or whippet in sight.

Across the Tees Bay and you're into the North Yorkshire National Park with the highest cliffs on the east coast (666ft) Small fishing hamlets cling to the base of the cliffs with Staithes and Runswick offering challenging pilotage with just time for lunch before moving onto the fleshpots of Whitby. The jagged ruins of Whitby Abbey guide us into Whitby with the famous whale jawbone on starboard. Danes, Vikings (yes the same lot), Henry VIII, Captain Cook, William Scoresby, Bram Stoker have all walked the same quayside as we will. Although we will probably be looking for real ale and food. If time allows we sail on to Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough.