Shorebased Courses

BM Sailing offers a choice of venues - Hartlepool or Newcastle if you want to join us for a Shorebased course. We still teach (and were taught) at evening classes during the winter, so we know the problems associated with trying to make the lectures in bad weather, after a hard day at work, or sometimes you just don't feel like it. The alternatives we have put together may suit your present circumstances.

Day skipper Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster CEVNI Diesel

Shore based courses for Day Skipper, Coastal/Yacht master are taught during the winter months when most of us have stopped sailing.

You will find a RYA Training Centre near you if you want to complete a course over the winter months, usually 26 weeks 1 night a week evening classes. For those whose lifestyle is "different" BM Sailing run these courses over 3 weekends or 5/6 days. ICC/CEVNI tests can be taken at any time of the year.