Start Yachting

Some of you will naturally be a little cautious about sailing a couple of miles from land. What will it be like? Will I be seasick? Can I cope with 3 - 4 strangers for a weekend / week? Will the boat tip over? We understand these concerns; I certainly wondered the same things, and a lot worse, when I took my 1st tentative step on board "L'Autre Femme" some 30 years ago. The crew had finally persuaded me to "come and try it" and so opened up a world of opportunities and friendships that continue today.

What BM Sailing would like to do is to offer a similar experience with minimum cost to you. Hence our taster weekend we call Introduction to Sailing. This will suit you if you want to try sailing on the open sea to find out how much you enjoy it without having to enrol in a full RYA certificated course which takes 5 / 6 days. You will join us on Saturday morning and after a short safety brief and discussion set sail for Whitby or Royal Quays depending on weather and personal preference. Come late afternoon we will be moored alongside and on our way to the showers, followed by a visit to pub for a meal and a well earned drink. Following a good night sleep on board the yacht we will set sail after breakfast for the return trip to Hartlepool Marina, expecting to arrive 4 - 5pm so you get home at a sensible time.

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to try many of the skills of sailing from hoisting sails, steering, using the radio, navigation and securing the boat alongside on arrival. We will provide you with all the special gear we use at sea, all you need to bring is a duvet / sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries and beer money! And that's all there is to it. If you decide sailing is not for you then at least you can say you have tried it, and we are sure you will get some laughs along the way and later in the pub. However, if you decide you had such a good time and you could get into this sailing thing we will offer you a RYA course most suiting your needs. Now the best bit.

We will offset the money and the time you have spent on your Introduction to Sailing weekend against the cost and sea time requirements for the RYA course. What this means is that a course lasting 3 weekends will now only take you a further 2 weekends to complete because you have done 1 weekend already. You will not be asked for another 3x money, only 2x, as you have already paid for 1x weekend. So it's a win-win situation for all of us. If you like the 1st weekend and decide to continue, we get your custom for another 2 weekends, and you pay no more than the standard course. If you decide "Thanks but no thanks" you have had a different weekend and it isn't going to cost you any more money.

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